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Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority – 510 Ninth Street

The primary mission of the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority is to support the criminal justice system by operating its centers in a manner that produces a safe and secure environment for the public, staff, and inmates.

The Authority, by primarily using direct supervision techniques, will provide for basic inmate needs and make available programs and services that promote self-responsibility and development, and have the goal of returning to the community more productive citizens.

(434) 847-3100
Commonwealth of VA, Department of Corrections -725 Church Street
(434) 947-6651
Lynchburg Police Department – 805 Court Street
(434) 847-1602
Lynchburg Sherriff’s Office – 907 Clay Street

The Lynchburg Sheriff’s Office is responsible for a wide range of criminal justice related activities including inmate transportation, court services and law enforcement.


(434) 847-1301
U.S. Probation & Parole Office – 1101 Court Street, Ste. 106
(434) 846-0842
United States Congress – 916 Main Street, Ste. 300
(434) 845-8306
Virginia Bankruptcy Center – 725 Church Street, Ste. 10

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