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James River Canoe Ramp — 7th Street

If you are the owner of a small boat and want to launch your boat from the Lynchburg side of the James River, you’re in luck! On July 1, 2004, the City of Lynchburg officially opened a new canoe ramp for the citizens of Lynchburg. The ramp provides access to the James River from Lynchburg and is a great way to take a short paddle upriver for fishing and recreation. The ramp is also a launching place for longer downriver trips. The canoe ramp is located at the end of 7th Street, just upriver from Langley Fountain. To get to the ramp, follow 7th Street across Commerce Street, and proceed across the railroad tracks and look for the large sign posted at the top of the ramp.

James River Heritage Trail — Jefferson Street

RiverWalk is one of the most popular sections of the James River Heritage Trail. People of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy this 3.5 mile paved trail. This lovely, level path begins downtown on Jefferson Street, just past the eastern end of the Blackwater Creek Bikeway and the Point of Honor Trail, and moves eastward along the waterfront (passing Amazement Square and Riverfront Park), and crosses onto Percival’s Island before continuing into Amherst County. Recreational opportunities along this section of the James River Heritage Trail are diverse and include walking, biking, jogging, fishing, and expansive riverfront views.

Monument Terrace — 9th and Church Street

Climb the 139 steps from Church Street to Court Street. Monument Terrace utilizes the landings of this 139 step staircase to commemorate the Lynchburg citizens who fought and died in the Civil War, Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam. At the base on Church Street stands a “doughboy” and commemorative statues and markers continue to the top at Court Street.