Supporting our Downtown Stakeholders

For more than a decade, Lynch’s Landing has worked to sustain Downtown and the Riverfront as a vital economic, cultural, recreational, residential, and historic center for our community. Through our events, activities, and fundraising efforts, we employ a strategy that strives to preserve downtown as the heart of the community, to save historic buildings, strengthen the commercial core, and sustain a sense of community life in Lynchburg.

Whether you live, work, shop, dine, or play in Downtown Lynchburg – this is your community.

The success of the revitalization program over the years lies in the fact that it is a local initiative, both organizationally and financially. As you have seen in Lynchburg, a revitalized downtown has value to all residents of the community through protection of property values, access to locally-owned goods and services, opportunities for entertainment and social interaction, and a sense of accomplishment and community identity.

We have currently put our membership structure on hold as we work on a new structure for 2016/2017. We will update this page when we have a new way for you to support our efforts. Thank you.